A Yacht Charter Through Alaska

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Alaska is the largest state in the United States. It is larger than the combind area of Texas, California and Montana, which are the next three largest states after Alaska. The state’s shoreline stretches an astounding 54,000 kms which is one reason why a wonderful way to explore Alaska is by sailing along its coast. The other reason is of course the incredible marine and wildlife you will encounter along your route.

You can sign up with a big cruise liner to sail through Alaska. But a far better alternative is to charter a yacht. If you are an experienced sailor, then you can go for a Bareboat Charter and be your own skipper. Others can opt for a Skippered Yacht Charter where you will have an experienced local captain onboard and a small crew to look after your meals etc. Interestingly, the cost of a yacht charter is not as prohibitive as you would imagine and a little research will help you identify a yacht charter that fits your budget as well as your planned itinerary.

There are three main sailing routes through Alaska. These are: The Inside Passage, Gulf & Glaciers and Only Alaska. All of them offer unique experiences and allow you to admire the unspoiled scenery of Alaska, its abundant wildlife and the magnificent glacier activity. Alaska accounts for about half the world’s population of humpback whales. So just imagine seeing a 40-ton whale breaking water as you cruise by! Bald eagles with 8-foot wingspans, caribou, moose, salmon, bears, sea lions, walrus, and over 300 species of birds are all found in Alaska. With such a rich marine and wildlife, you can look forward to an exciting adventure on your holiday travel.

By chartering your own yacht you also have the freedom of charting your own course and sailing through narrow and relatively less-traveled passages that big cruise liners cannot access.


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